Norwegian trawler takes LED flood lighting

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LED lighting enhances illumination on freezer trawler

Environmentally robust LED lighting systems are helping crews with illumination on the latest vessel to join a Norwegian fishing fleet.

Freezer trawler Holmøy is a 3,317-tonne fishing vessel, the newest in the fleet of Holmøy Maritime of Norway. The vessel, which was built in Spain by Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire, SA, is classified as DNV 1A1 ICE-1B Stern Trawler EO. The trawler is equipped with modern facilities for catching, onboard processing and cold storage of fish.

The trawler is equipped with a complete state-of-the-art, high quality LED lighting scheme from Glamox. Installed lighting products include TL60 watertight LED luminaires, FL60 LED floodlights, MIR LED outdoor lighting fixtures, 1076 series floodlights, Norselight XS1000 R60 searchlights, and series 65 LED Arctic navigation lights.

The watertight TL60 LED luminaries are installed in the main deck area and other parts of the vessel that are exposed to the elements. Due to its extremely long operating life (up to 50,000 hours), the TL60 LED is designed to meet maritime requirements and to minimise energy and maintenance costs. The combination of an innovative lighting design and use of high quality components and materials ensures excellent heat management and a reliable, long operating life.

The FL60 LED series of high performance LED safe area floodlights provide instantaneous, high intensity light and are immune to voltage drops. As well as offering excellent heat management, the floodlights have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, low energy consumption and are virtually maintenance-free.

The trawler is also equipped with Series 65 Arctic LED navigation lights from Glamox. These lights are specially designed for Arctic conditions and can withstand very low (and high) ambient temperatures. Compared to conventional signal lights, Series 65 Arctic LED navigation lights set new standards in terms of lifetime, efficiency and reliability. The main and back-up systems are integrated in one housing.

The MIR LED outdoor lighting fixtures with LED luminaires are suitable for many different applications on a vessel, including workshops, engine rooms, stores and passageways. These energy efficient, long life lighting fixtures are also designed to enable easy conversion from a T8 fluorescent tube to LED technology.

The Norselight XS R60 searchlights are specially designed for vessels that operate in harsh winter and ice conditions such as tugs, icebreakers, offshore supply vessels or ice-classed vessels. The Xenon R60 Searchlights provide reliable lighting in a wide range of watt sizes and different voltages. They are also designed for Arctic environments with temperatures down to -50°C.

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