Noise measurement facilities ahead of legislation

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Testing ground provides ability to match acoustic and vibration levels with sources within the vehicle.

New noise measurement facilities installed at Millbrook are designed for action in the development of new automotive technologies, including electric and hybrid vehicles. They enable engineers to measure acoustics and vibration inside a vehicle and sync it with data recorded outside. The system itself is ideal for, but not limited to, sound source localisation and contribution analysis.

Millbrook provides vehicle test, validation and engineering services for the automotive, transport, petrochemical, defence and security industries. At its Proving Ground in the UK, Millbrook has 70km of varied test tracks, including hill routes, high speed areas and challenging off road courses. Test facilities include engine dynamometers, environmental chambers, crash laboratory and advanced emissions chassis dynamometers.

“In 2012, we introduced the UK’s first commercially available ISO 10844:2011 specification noise surface, providing the most advanced facilities for investigating and understanding vehicle noise,” said Ravi Bal, Senior Engineer at Millbrook. “Whilst the anticipated update to legislative type approval requirements did not go ahead as predicted in 2014, Millbrook is keen to remain at the forefront of the latest technology for the test and development of noise, and has invested in state of the art data acquisition hardware, and software, to provide a wide range of capabilities.”

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