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MV Veteran passenger ferry fitted with Glamox lighting

Glamox is providing the Canadian MV Veteran ship with LED lighting systems and external floodlights capable of withstanding harsh marine environments.

The MV Veteran, the first of two new 80-metre, Ice Class, roll-on, roll-off passenger ferries that will service island routes in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, has been equipped with a range of lighting systems from Glamox.

The two vessels are being constructed by Damen Shipyards in Galati, Romania, at a cost of around 50 million Canadian dollars each. MV Veteran has already been completed and was officially put into service in December 2015. The sister ship, MV Legionnaire, is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2016.

MV Veteran and MV Legionnaire are both equipped with lighting from Glamox. Each vessel has more than 900 luminaires installed, which range from energy-efficient LED luminaires, including a high number of 1445 LED waterproof, multi-purpose luminaires. The vessels’ floodlights are powerful Glamox FL60 series floodlights with long-life LED light sources.

The FL60 Spot beam floodlights are mounted on the bridge wings (rear facing) and provide instantaneous, high intensity light, as well as offering excellent heat management and low energy consumption. By using the latest LED technology, the FL60 floodlights offer a virtually maintenance-free solution for all high intensity lighting requirements. The FL60 is available as a four-module version and is an excellent choice of luminaire for demanding applications where illumination over longer distances is required. The FL60 operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -30C to +45C.

Other lighting supplied by Glamox include the 70M series of double lens navigation lights, LED linear lighting for the main car deck, explosion-proof Ex e fluorescent light fittings for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas, fluorescent recessed ceiling lights for the wheelhouse, passageways, stairways, entrances and crew accommodation areas.

MV Veteran will service both Fogo Island and Change Island – the second busiest route in the province, moving approximately 169,000 passengers annually. MV Legionnaire will operate on the busy short-haul route from Portugal Cove to Bell Island. Since this region is located near the Arctic, the vessels have to manouvre in drifting ice at a speed of up to 4 knots. Their rudders, hull and propellers are therefore strengthened and fitted with extra thick plating to cope with the heavy, harsh winter conditions. Both ferries can operate in harsher conditions than the current vessels operating these routes. It is hoped that the improved reliability will promote business and tourism in the region.

MV Veteran is the first vessel design that stems from a Canadian-Danish partnership between Fleetway and Knud E. Hansen. The ferry is built in Romania by Damen Shipyards for Canadian authorities, and is equipped with lighting produced in Germany by Norwegian-owned Glamox Aqua Signal, installed by a Dutch technology company, and now locally supported by Glamox Canada, based in St John’s, Newfoundland.

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