New Boeing 737 engine oil tanks to undergo stress testing in France

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Intespace test facility

The Leap-1B engine oil tanks for the Boeing 737 MAX will be subject to a certification programme involving vibration, shock and crash safety testing.

Due to be fitted to the latest generation of Boeing’s 737 airliner scheduled to fly in 2017, the Techspace Aero Leap-1B engine oil tank requires certification against the DO 160 “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment” standard.

Techspace Aero has commissioned French company, Intespace to perform the testing in accordance with the standard before the oil tanks are integrated into the CFMI engines to be used on the 737 MAX.

A series of sine vibration, random vibration, shock and crash safety tests will be carried out over a three week period whilst a controlled pressure is maintained within the oil tank specimen using a specific pressurisation system and measurement apparatus designed by Intespace.

The venue for the testing will be the Intespace test facility in Elancourt in northern France equipped with a 160kN electrodynamic shaker, which has been configured to provide the best compromise between power and embeddable mass for the testing of such equipment. Equipped with mechanical, climatic and EMC test facilities over an area of 1000m², this test facility has been designed to meet the needs of most aerospace customers.

The testing on the Leap-1B tanks follows a similar campaign undertaken on Techspace Aero’s sister-products, the Leap 1A and 1C which are used on the Airbus A320 Neo and Comac C919 aircraft. These tests were completed in February this year.

Intespace has also supplied Techspace Aero with DynaWorks software for processing and managing data from vibration testing in order to characterise the dynamic behaviour of their structures and equipment, information which is invaluable for the design of future products.

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