Mono vision camera to extend ADAS applications

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Car manufacturer to use Veoneer mono vision systems for pedestrian detection, collision warning and other ADAS applications.

Autoliv’s electronics business, Veoneer has been selected by a major automotive manufacturer as a partner to develop and produce mono vision camera systems comprising camera hardware, software and algorithms. Veoneer is expected to be spun-off from Autoliv at the end of June 2018 and be one of the automotive industry’s newest and most experienced technology companies.

Veoneer’s mono vision system is designed to meet or exceed the market standards set by NHTSA and European NCAP for 5-star safety ratings. Veoneer is the only supplier capable of meeting 5-star safety ratings with hardware, software and detection algorithms fully developed in-house, using a single mono vision camera system.

Veoneer’s mono vision camera systems are best in class for pedestrian detection, forward collision warning and lane keeping assist. Starting in 2022, Veoneer will begin delivering mono vision camera systems for this customer. As Autoliv Electronics, Veoneer has a demonstrated history of exceptional product quality and manufacturing capabilities as a supplier of vision cameras for pedestrian detection, animal detection and warning on existing vehicles.

“We are delighted that Veoneer has been selected as a partner to develop and build mono vision camera systems. We have made tremendous progress in developing a world class mono vision system, built on 10 years of in-house algorithm expertise, fueled by our daily pursuit to reduce accidents and save lives,” says Jan Carlson, Autoliv Chairman, President and CEO. Jan Carlson will serve as President and CEO of Veoneer after the spin-off.

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