Modular switchable high and low pass filter

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Modular low and high pass filter

A modular high/low pass filter is now available from DJB Instruments offering a full range of filter responses and front panel connection simplicity.

DJB Instruments has added a new modular switchable Low/High Pass Filter to its product range. Available as a single channel DC powered unit or up to 9 channels in a AC/DC powered chassis the LHP Filter replaces a number of DJB’s outgoing modular products.

Using simple BNC input and output connectors on the front panel, with user selectable AC/DC coupling and IEPE signal source (4mA/20VDC) the LHP offers a number of extra features previously not available.

These features include input overload indicator, switchable high/low pass, single ended/differential input and 6 Gain steps to x50. A full range of filter responses available, including Butterworth, Bessel, anti-alias & general purpose.

DJB’s Managing Director, Neill Ovenden said of the launch, “The LHP launch is another step forward in DJB’s progress and growth strategy. We have been working to replace some of our older less flexible products and although filtering is not in such demand as it used to be it remains a critical part of many customers testing requirements. The LHP combines many of the popular features in one product, adding IEPE signal conditioning alongside filtering capability.’

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