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F22 DLP projector for simulation

The latest in visualisation technology is being used by the Ministry of Defence for its simulation programme for training services personnel.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the UK has purchased 160 of Barco’s high-performance F22 projectors. The single-chip DLP projectors will be integrated into the MoD’s fleet of DCCT(S) training systems. In this way, the MoD will bring these to a comparable hardware baseline with its 59 Enhanced DCCTs (DCCT(E)), which already incorporate Barco’s F22 projectors.

DCCT is a simulated training system that the UK’s MoD has been using since 2003. In 2015, the British Army decided to bring its whole fleet of DCCTs – Enhanced and Standard systems – to a common baseline to ensure consistent training capability and visual performance, while reducing configuration management costs. In 2014, the MoD equipped its DCCT(E)s with the F22 projectors of Barco Fredrikstad – then projectiondesign – on account of their excellent visual performance, at a competitive price, and their full compatibility with the DCCT system and infrastructure. Satisfied as the MOD is with the product, it chose the same projector for its DCCT(S).

Ultra-high resolution

Training in a simulated environment requires extremely accurate, bright visuals. Featuring WUXGA, 1080p and SXGA+ resolutions with up to 3,300 lumens, Barco’s F22 projectors provide high resolution and reliability, thus meeting the British Army’s visualisation needs. Their ruggedness and ease of integration into a variety of simulation applications as well as their compact footprint further make the F22 series a perfect fit for the DCCT set-up.

Dedicated to simulation

The DCCT’s Original Equipment Manufacturer is now updating the training systems, equipping 89 units with Barco’s F22 projectors by the end of 2016. In addition, six brand-new portable DCCTs will also feature the Barco projector. DCCTs are in use at MoD sites in the UK but also in Germany, Cyprus, Brunei, Belgium and the Falklands, as well as on board the Royal Navy’s HMS Ocean ship.

“At Barco Fredrikstad, Barco’s Centre of Excellence for simulation products, we’re on a constant mission to meet the needs of the growing training and simulation industry. We are delighted to see that the UK’s MoD has reconfirmed its trust in our projectors to improve the performance of its training tools,” says Espen Olsen, Director of Sales Simulation Europe.

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