Miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometer

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Triaxial IEPE accelerometer

Very small form factor triaxial accelerometer minimises mass loading on test structure during acceleration measurements.

Meggitt introduces the ultra-miniature Endevco 35B, an extremely small and light triaxial IEPE accelerometer. This form factor makes it ideal for applications in which it is critical to minimise mass loading on the test structure. Meggitt recommends the sensor for testing consumer electronics, computer peripherals, aerospace and automotive components, human body protective equipment and precision machinery components.

The adhesively-mounted 35B packs three transducers (measuring acceleration in x, y and z axes) and integrated electronics into a 0.235 inch cube weighing only 0.55 grams. Despite being so small, the performance of the 35B is very competitive with other ultra-miniatures.

Sensitivities of 2.5 mV/g, 5 mV/g or 10 mV/g are available to support a broad range of applications. An anodised aluminium housing provides case isolation from mounting surface. The weight of the 35B is exclusive of the integral, 36-inch cable terminating to 4-pin connector; extension cables are available. The 35B is compatible with signal conditioner models 123 and 133, sold separately. Compliant to the European Union Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, the 35B is eligible to bear the CE mark.

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