Miniature high temperature triaxial accelerometer

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High temperature triaxial accelerometer

Accelerometer with high temperature range for use in demanding vibration testing and measurement applications as well as component qualification.

PCB Piezotronics has launched a new triaxial ICP accelerometer that is the world’s smallest to be capable of operation up to 180C.

The new PCB Model HT356B01 is able to withstand operating temperatures up to 180C and uses the same 6.35mm cube titanium housing as its Model 356A01 predecessor. The hermetically sealed accelerometer features improved strain relief with a larger, stronger crimp tube and is compatible with an ICP (IEPE) signal conditioner or readout device. Its high temperature capability makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications including gas turbine component qualification, engine vibration measurements – including high performance engines such as F1 – structural vibration, environmental stress screening, noise vibration and harshness and high temperature vibration measurements where there are space restrictions.

Additional product highlights include 5mV/g sensitivity, measurement range of ±1,000g peak and the highest overload limit – 10,000g – compared with competing devices. An integral 1.5m cable to 4-pin connector and supplied mating cable assembly terminating in BNC plugs complete the Model HT356B01 package.

Technical specifications encompass frequency range of 2 to 8000Hz (y and z axes) and 2 to 5000Hz (x axis) all ±5%, frequency range on x axis above 8kHz at ±1dB, resonant frequency above 50kHz and weight without cable of 1.0 grammes.

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