Micro coaxial cable for confined spaces

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Micro Coax cable
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Alpha Wire micro coax cable improves capabilities to create wiring for industrial inspection or healthcare applications in confined spaces.

Aerco has extended its offering of coaxial cable with the new Alpha Essentials Micro Coax cable in sizes from 32 AWG to 50 AWG. Aerco now supplies coaxial cable ranging from 10 AWG to 50 AWG.

This new Micro Coaxial cable line will be offered in standard constructions and is ideal for customers looking for signal transmission options, especially when designs offer limited space for cable routing.

Aerco cable specialist, David Cairns, said: “With an operating temperature range of -70C to 200C, this new coaxial cable is ideal for a wide range of applications from medical endoscopes to industrial inspection applications. The new 50Ω Micro Coax line will provide customers with the ability to ensure signal integrity within the increasingly small confines that many designers are now working.”

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