MEMS DC response variable capacitance accelerometers

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MEMS DC response variable capacitance accelerometer

DJB Instruments continues its strategic product development programme with the release of MEMS DC response accelerometers.

DJB Instruments (UK) has launched a complete range of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) DC response variable capacitance accelerometers that extends its traditional range of piezoelectric and IEPE accelerometers used in the R&D and Industrial sectors.

MEMS accelerometers have been growing in popularity as the needs of test engineering have pushed requirements to measure lower and lower frequencies unsupported by piezoelectric based sensors.

The DC response means they can be used to measure from a true 0Hz frequency up to 800Hz in addition to being able to measure continuously applied acceleration or ‘g’, for example the measurement of ‘g’ experienced during a high-speed cornering manoeuvre in a car.

The range includes monoaxial, biaxial and triaxial options in ranges including ±2g, ±5g, ±10g, ±20g and ±50g with several ultra-low noise (high resolution) options also available. Low mass and hard anodised aluminium cases combine to offer rugged and reliable accelerometers that are all epoxy resin sealed.

Each accelerometer comes with a 3m integral cable fitted and can be supplied with pigtail open ended cables or a multi pin connector for connection to instrumentation and signal conditioning equipment.

DJB can also supply the associated signal conditioner with the newly launched DCM-03 which is a 3-channel signal conditioner for MEMS devices.

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s Managing Director said of the launch ‘Since the change of ownership and relaunch of DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd, 8 years ago we have been working on a strategic product development programme, 2018 will see the introduction of a number of products that diversifies the traditional DJB accelerometer range into force and pressure. The launch of the MEMS accelerometers is another step towards the expansion of DJB’s range.’

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