Measurement of vapour permeability in construction

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Water vapour permeability of building materials

A meter is available for measuring water vapour permeability in construction materials and building structures.

Moisture can cause complex problems in buildings, especially as all building products and structures, even vapour barriers, allow some vapour through. To meet current regulations you need to measure this permeability for the finished system and / or that of each of the products, barriers and coatings involved.

And that’s what Versaperm’s latest water vapour permeability meter can do. The latest Versaperm vapour permeability measurement system measures this to an accuracy that can be measured in Parts Per Million (PPM) and is particularly important for both new product development and quality control. It can measure the permeability of anything from a building board to a coating of paint or from a vapour barrier to an entire wall, roof or floor structure.

The water vapour that seeps into a building gets trapped and then finds it difficult to escape affecting both the health of the building’s structure and the health of people who live or work inside. It has been linked to asthma, allergies and even the collapse of buildings.

Products as diverse as paint, plasterboard, membranes, screeds, laminates and sealants all allow you to control the flow of water vapour throughout a building. Traditionally, measuring this was very expensive and could take several weeks, but with the latest product range from Versaperm it can now be done in as little as thirty minutes for some products, at the same time as being more accurate.

The equipment can optionally measure vapour permeability not only for water vapour but also for CO2, hydrocarbons, oxygen and virtually any other gas or vapour.

Using products with the wrong permeability has caused products to fail, equipment to leak and even buildings to collapse.

Versaperm is a world-technology leader and offers, as well as the equipment, a fast turn-around building products laboratory-based vapour permeability measurement service and a technical consultancy.

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