Marine vessel electronics chassis passes extreme tests

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Shock isolated chassis with EMC protection for marine applications
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A rugged chassis for electronic systems aboard marine vessels has been designed to meet rigorous vibration, shock and EMC requirements.

LCR Embedded Systems introduces its Rugged Shock-Isolated Chassis (RSIC-08) for Shipboard Bulkhead Mount. The chassis features an innovative, customisable, multi-point isolation system designed and produced by LCR Embedded, and may be used on multiple deck levels and to support multiple applications. The chassis has passed the Deck Simulator Shock Machine (DSSM) test for compliance with MIL-S-901D as well as MIL-STD-167A (vibration) and has been designed to meet MIL-STD-461 (EMI/EMC).

The chassis is cooled via forced air, with backplane and fan power isolated from one another. Close attention was paid to EMI performance, which was made possible by a welded, dip-brazed, gasketed construction with honeycomb air intake and exhaust. Its unloaded weight is approximately 75lb, and it is suitable for a range of payload weights from approximately 15 to 45lb.

“This chassis was created in response to an urgent customer request after a previous supplier was unable to meet their extreme shock and vibration requirements,” said LCR Embedded Systems President David Pearson. “Our engineering team really stepped up and was able to create a universal chassis suitable for direct hull mounting on multiple deck levels and that could pass some of the most punishing shock and vibe tests ever imagined. Not only was our original customer thrilled with the results, but we’re equally thrilled to offer this design to all of our customers.”

The chassis was initially created with a VME backplane, but VPX and CompactPCI backplanes are an option, as well as customisable shock isolation for variable weight payloads. While the current chassis supports 8 slots, the chassis capacity can be customized where needed.

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