Manufacturing Industry Demands Digital Skills

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The Manufacturing sector is seeing high demand for computing skills when recruiting staff

According to analysis performed by into skills requirements in industry and commerce, the manufacturing sector has high demand for digital skills. analysed 8 million job advertisements to discover where the requirements were for people with technical skills and knowledge in computing as well as relevant digital credentials.

At each end of the requirements spectrum, the results were unsurprising with Information and Communication having the highest requirement and Human Health & Social Car having the lowest.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that manufacturing is also near the top of the list as the industry becomes more intensely digital and the skills of workers in all disciplines become more aligned to the industry’s computational needs.

The research shows 69% of manufacturing job advertisements require specific digital skills as do a similar number (64%) of Professional, Scientific and Technical job roles.

According to Joseph Scott of “The Knowledge Academy”, most industries have now been revolutionised by technology and companies need employees who can comfortably use different digital tools, programmes and software to drive business performance as well as achieve set objectives. “Those entering the job market need to be aware of this, as this research clearly shows that certain industries are more demanding of particular digital skills than others,” he says.

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