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Schroff products for monitoring systems

Pigeon Point Systems has been acquired by Pentair to expand the company portfolio of system monitoring and control.

Pentair has bought Pigeon Point Systems, a producer of high-quality management components, focusing on such open modular platforms as AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI and VPX. By combining Pigeon Point Systems products with Pentair’s broad range of Schroff products, Pentair will be able to provide an expanded product portfolio, increase presence globally and broader technical expertise to serve Pentair customers and their ever increasing needs in embedded computing and reliable system monitoring and control.

“This acquisition expands our position in monitoring and control,” said Volker Haag, VP Global Systems Category and Innovation, Pentair Electronics Protection. “It provides Pentair with several new dynamic product lines for growth and complements Schroff branded chassis and systems.”

Pigeon Point Systems focuses on providing dependable, proven technology for management controllers and allows customers to concentrate on the value-add aspects of their products. Their expertise in open standards ensures compliance and interoperability for their components based on those standards.

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