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Essex zero emission truck specialist to deliver major improvements in delivery vehicle sustainability by the end of 2017.

Chelmsford based Tevva Motors is involved in three major development projects to the value of £2.74m creating 20 new highly skilled jobs in the town.

The company underlined its position at the cutting edge of zero-emission truck technology with the announcement of three innovation development projects to be run in partnership with UPS, Keuhne and Nagel and DHL.

The projects, part-funded by the Department for Transport’s “Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial”, will include four major updates to Tevva’s already highly successful 7.5 tonne electric truck, to be incorporated in a range of trucks all to be delivered by the end of 2017:

4 Significant Technology Advancements

1  A new universal battery cassette that can be mated to any chassis without modification; provides much faster mounting and de-mounting and critically adds 300kg to available payload. The new cassette will also deliver reduced manufacturing costs.

2  A new, high density switched reluctance electric drive motor that requires no rare-earth metals in its construction and removes the traditional electric motor’s need for cooling. These new electric motors will cost less to manufacture and be easier to re-cycle at the end of their life.

3 Integration of refrigeration technology into the Tevva range extended drivetrain enabling the transport of refrigerated goods, appealing to food service, back to base fleets.

4 Extending the weight range application of the Tevva drivetrain to a 14 tonne GVW chassis.

Low Emission Freight & Logistics Initiative, Department of Transport

The projects are part-funded by the Department for Transport’s “Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial”. Tevva was announced as one of the winners, with funding to be delivered by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) and Innovate UK.

On announcing the winners of the Innovate UK, Low Emission Freight and Logistics trial on Tuesday 11th January 2017, Transport Minister, John Hayes said, “It is fantastic that Tevva Motors is willing to explore low and zero emission technologies, which will help improve air quality and reduce pollution in towns and cities.

“This is yet another important significant step towards this government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from transport to help tackle climate change.

“We are already making headway through our investment in low emission vehicles, greener public transport and walking and cycling, as well as grants for innovative advanced biofuels projects.”

Tevva Motors, CEO, Asher Bennett, on hearing the news also commented: “Range extended electric trucks are the fit for purpose today replacement for diesels, that’s because a) they remove ‘range anxiety’ enabling fleet operators to deploy them identically to their legacy diesel fleet and b) the range extender means that operators can ALWAYS maximise the use of fully electric, cheap, grid-charged miles. Put more simply, range extended electric trucks are easier to use and ACHIEVE greater cost savings. It’s gratifying to see that both government and fleet operators are buying in to this approach – and these announcements confirm Tevva’s position at the forefront of this technology.”

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