Madrid waste collection fleet powered by CNG

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CNG waste collection vehicles for Madrid

Over 100 Iveco waste collection vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas have been bought by Madrid for waste collection in the city.

Madrid City Council in Spain has acquired 109 Iveco Stralis heavy-duty trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) for its urban waste collection fleet.

The vehicles procured by Madrid City Council include 90 Stralis AD260S33YPS CNG models, featuring a 19 m3 Ros Roca collector, and 19 AD190S33/P CNG models, each with a 12 m3  Ros Roca collector. The trucks are powered by an Iveco Cursor 8 CNG engine that delivers 330 hp and features an automatic transmission with integrated retarder. The engines have eight CNG cylinders with a total capacity of 640 litres in the AD260S33YPS model and 600 litres in the AD190S33/P model. The Stralis trucks also feature the latest safety technology and have been tailored to meet the company’s needs.

Natural gas (or methane) is stored in a gaseous state at a pressure of 200 bar, which the regulator reduces in two stages, before the gas is injected into the engine. The fuel is much cleaner than fossil fuels and generates 95% less particulate matter emissions than diesel, 35% less NOx and 10% less CO2 – the equivalent of 85 tonnes every year. What’s more, the engine is also 50% to 75% quieter than the Euro VI diesel engine, as the Stralis CNG reduces noise pollution by between 3 and 6 decibels in comparison with other trucks in the same performance class.

Natural gas engines are also more economical to run. They ensure fuel savings of 40%, achieving a Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) that is 10% lower than their diesel equivalent, but without decreasing their transport capacity or increasing their greenhouse effect or air pollution levels.

Methane is a natural non-toxic gas which is less flammable than petrol vapours, emits less pollutant and is more efficient than liquefied petroleum gas (propane or butane), because it requires less fuel to travel the same distance. There are currently 43 public CNG refuelling stations and 19 LNG stations in Spain, making it the country with the most stations selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Europe. A further nine mixed CNG/LNG stations are currently under construction.

During the last 20 years, Iveco has produced over 16,000 vehicles and 29,000 engines of this kind.

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