Long range position sensors with CANopen interface

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Long range positioning sensor

Two robust absolute linear sensors have been launched with high durability for position measurement in demanding industrial environments.

Long-range TP1 and TH1 absolute linear sensors from German sensor specialist Novotechnilk and available from UK distributor, Variohm Eurosensor, now have a CANopen interfacing option. Both models feature Novotechnik’s magnetostrictive technology which provides touchless and wear-free linear position measurement with up to 1 micron resolution over the entire travel range up to 4250 mm.

As a more robust alternative for long range optical encoders, the TP1 has an enclosed housing and touchless position detector that can be either fixed or floating, whilst the TH1 comprises separate rod and ring-shaped position marker components that allow integration into fluid power cylinders or mobile machinery.

The CANopen fieldbus option complies with CiA DS-301 V4.2.0 and device profile DS-406 V3.2 and includes position and speed signals for one or two sensors. The industry standard profile provides a dependable, robust and standardised option for data transfer with high immunity to interference and straightforward set-up and installation.

The combination of CANopen and the extremely high durability of the touchless technology, which is insensitive to shock and vibration, brings new levels of reliability to demanding industrial machinery and automation applications.

Both models offer IP67/68 protection as standard and an integrated teach-in function provides a calibration tool that, without external equipment, can be built into the customer’s machine set-up. Throughout the TP1 and TH1 series, a wide choice of electrical and mechanical interfacing options are available, and custom options are available on request.

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