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Automotive logistics group uses LNG powered Iveco Stralis

Iveco has presented its case for the use of LNG fuel for long haul automotive transport operation in Europe citing i-FAST as a use case example.

Iveco has taken part in the ECG Conference 2017 in Brussels, organised by the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, presenting its view on the future of sustainable transport and displaying a Stralis NP powered by LNG, designed for long haul missions, and equipped for the transport of finished vehicles.

In view of the interest shown by the automotive industry towards more sustainable logistics, Iveco has partnered with ROLFO, one of the leading companies in this sector, to propose to car transporter fleets a test Stralis NP powered by LNG. Equipped with the latest-generation ROLFO EGO R3 equipment, it is able to operate on a pan-European scale.

In 2016 i-FAST Automotive Logistics, part of FCA group, was the first company in the sector to have used the Stralis NP trucks powered by LNG in the vehicle transport sector and spoke about the first year experience with Stralis NP vehicles. Marco Simone Zanna, General Manager of i-FAST Automotive Logistics commented: “A year on from signing the agreement with Iveco, our ten Stralis NP powered by LNG have covered more than 600,000 km and achieved a 15% reduction in fuel consumption versus diesel, significant fuel cost saving and considerable advantages for the environment. The clean fuel used on these vehicles reduces versus Euro VI limits particulate matter by 99%, NOx by 60% and CO2 emissions by up to 95% with the use of bio LNG. Furthermore, the Stralis NP drastically reduces noise pollution during access to urban centres. These outstanding results support our commitment to sustainable transport.”

The vehicles were used for transporting cars and commercial vehicles, ensuring good performance in terms of loading factor and flexibility. They offer a range of up to 1,500 km, and an average speed aligned with their diesel counterparts across all types of route. Plus, thanks to the rapid development of the LNG refueling network across Europe, the ten Stralis NP vehicles are regularly being used for deliveries across Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

In light of these excellent results, i-FAST Automotive Logistics decided to increase the number of Stralis NP by five additional units, bringing its Green Fleet 100% Natural Power to fifteen.

The 2017 ECG Conference “Digital revolutions in political turmoil” provided the occasion to discuss some of the main drivers of change in the transport industry, from digitalisation to emissions reduction. In his speech, Clément Chandon, Iveco Head of Gas Business Development in Europe, Middle East and Africa highlighted the key role of natural gas in the energy transition which is characterising the transport sector. He said: “With the acceleration of decarbonisation, being sustainable is fast becoming an important competitive advantage for transport businesses and Iveco, with more than 20 years’ experience in the development of natural gas technology, is the natural partner for all companies dedicated to achieving the goal of more sustainable logistics. To help them, we are introducing, in partnership with ROLFO, the first test truck in Europe.

“We have now a broad experience in LNG-truck-base automotive logistics. Indeed, we started this transition in 2015 looking at all inbound, outbound and spare parts logistics flows within the CNH Industrial group. To date more than 150 Stralis LNG trucks are used daily for our logistical needs, and more than 300 have already been ordered by our logistics providers and we target to reach 650 orders by the end of 2018. At that scope a dedicated event for automotive-specialised logistics companies, organised by Iveco with the participation of CNH Industrial and FCA, will take place in Ulm on November 6. The invited fleets will have the opportunity to test our Natural Power range and to learn more about CNH Industrial and FCA’s sustainable logistics commitments,” he added.

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