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Long haul natural gas powered HGV
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Iveco is celebrating a project of the year award from the European Gas Conference for its Stralis NP long distance goods vehicle.

Iveco Stralis NP, the first natural gas truck for long-haul operations, has been voted “Project of the Year” at the European Gas Awards of Excellence 2017, during the European Gas Conference, the annual meeting for the European gas industry, held in Vienna from 23 to 25 January 2017.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “We are very proud that Iveco has been again rewarded for its commitment to sustainability. Iveco saw very early that the future of transport was in sustainable alternatives products. Our New Stralis NP is a revolutionary gas truck for sustainable transport: it builds on Iveco’s extensive expertise to take a step into the future: it is the first true long-haul gas truck in the market that offers a real alternative to diesel vehicles and the most sustainable long-distance transport truck ever.”

Iveco and four other shortlisted companies presented the latest developments on the newest and most exciting projects in the European gas market. The shortlist included Zeebrugge’s Second LNG Jetty, Sabine Pass LNG Terminal, Iveco 400 HP gas truck, LNG Dunkerque Terminal and the Audi e-gas Project.

During a discussion panel on “Making a difference in the European gas industry”, Iveco presented its vision for sustainable heavy duty transport that led to the development of the Stralis NP (Natural Power).

The brand was the first manufacturer in the world of commercial transport to understand the potential of natural gas, anticipating some of the recommendations of the European Commission published in the communication “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”, which states that Liquefied Natural Gas for heavy duty vehicles is strategic for Europe, providing an answer to most of the issues we face today: local air quality, since NOx and PM emissions are extra-low, but also global warming – and finally noise.

Iveco created a market for natural gas powered transport vehicles, starting from refuse collection in 1996, followed by urban, then regional and inter-regional distribution, all the way to long-distance heavy-duty haulage with the launch in 2016 of the Stralis NP.

Karl-Martin Studener of Iveco explained during the conference: “Iveco introduced in the market natural gas versions of trucks, vans and buses, and as a result today more than 16,000 Iveco gas powered vehicles are running on European roads. Our Natural Power technology is future-proof in that it provides an alternative to polluting emissions with low Total Cost of Operation – and the added advantage of low noise levels, so important for urban missions. And even more, with the growing availability of bioCNG and bioLNG in Europe, all transporters are now able to provide CO₂-Neutral transport and to contribute to European energy independence.”

The New Stralis NP competes on an even level with its diesel equivalents on performance, while delivering the most sustainable performance  in the market as well as higher comfort and lower Total Cost of Ownership. It delivers a best-in-class performance, with the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, and generates 17% more power and 6% more torque than its best competitor.

The big-capacity fuel tanks take the range autonomy of the LNG-only version to the record level of 1,500 km. The engine, combined with the 12-speed automated gearbox, with eco roll function, lowers its fuel consumption by 5% compared to the previous model.

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