London Assembly visit emissions testing facility

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Phil Stones speaks to delegates about Millbrook testing facilities
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A delegation from the London Assembly has seen clean vehicle testing in action on a visit to the latest facilities at Millbrook.

Millbrook Group has hosted a delegation from the London Assembly and its dedicated Environment and Transport Committees together with Transport for London, with the purpose of demonstrating the latest techniques and technologies employed in vehicle emissions testing.

Millbrook is engaged in all aspects of vehicle testing and product development and boasts state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to testing and assessing exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and electric energy and range. Millbrook provides independent testing for specialist engineering companies and vehicle manufacturers and assesses vehicles for Transport for London’s extensive fleet. The visit was intended to provide the delegation with a unique insight into the process of exhaust emissions testing and to see some of the measures being taken by TfL regarding air quality.

Phil Stones, Chief Engineer, Powertrain, at Millbrook Group, was on hand to provide a tour of the facilities to explain Millbrook’s highly sophisticated expertise in emissions testing. He said: “We are leading the world in terms of our emissions testing facilities and it is satisfying to be able to demonstrate our work to a delegation which is deeply invested in understanding the measures that will improve air quality.”

London Assembly Environment Committee Chair, Leonie Cooper AM, says: “We’re grateful to the expert staff at Millbrook for providing valuable insight into their rigorous processes of laboratory and track emissions testing and demonstrating some of the measures being taken by TfL to help tackle London’s air pollution crisis. The role of the London Assembly is to scrutinise the activities of the Mayor and statutory bodies such as TfL, so our visit to the Millbrook facility will certainly help inform the ongoing work of the Environment and Transport Committees in this area.”

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