Lidar Sensors Guide Autonomous Farm Vehicles

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Lidar sensors enable autonomous tool carriers for increased efficiency in agriculture and farming

Agricultural technology supplier fits Lidar sensor to autonomous farming equipment for guidance and control

Intelligent farming and agricultural engineering company, Agrointelli, is using Velodyne lidar sensors in the production of its Robotti autonomous tool carriers that increase efficiency on fields and help farmers save time and money through the extended use of automation.

Robotti uses Velodyne’s Puck sensors for safe and efficient navigation on farmland. The sensors support a wide range of equipment such as precision seeders, mechanical inter-row weeders and seed drills. Robotti performs highly accurate, site-specific agricultural operations including seedbed preparation, seeding, weeding, fertilising, spraying and mowing.

Farmers can let the robot work autonomously or manually control it from a tablet by using an app. Designed with uncompromising attention to safety, Robotti is built to react quickly and accurately should risk of accident arise.

“Robotti is a powerful automation tool to increase agricultural productivity,” said Tommy Madsen of Agrointelli. “It has the same capabilities as a smaller tractor but can complete the operations without a driver. Velodyne’s lidar sensors are essential to helping Robotti start a new agri-tech era where autonomous equipment carriers become commercially sustainable and integrated into daily farming operations.”

According to Erich Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar, such innovation in sustainable automation technologies and equipment is shaping the future of crop production. “Robotti demonstrates how Velodyne sensors enable precision and safety in autonomous vehicles. Automation technologies like Robotti help address the shortage of qualified labour facing farms and the need to handle in-season cultivation without using crop protection products,” he says.

Velodyne Puck sensors provide rich 3D computer perception data that allows real-time object and free space detection supporting safe navigation and reliable operation. The Puck is a small, compact lidar sensor that delivers 100 meters range. Its reliability, power-efficiency and surround view make it an ideal sensor for affordable low speed autonomy applications.

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