LED lighting cuts emissions for Norwegian ferry

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LED lighting on Norwegian passenger ferry
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Norwegian ferry MS Dronningen has cut CO2 and NOx emissions with the introduction of LED lighting.

Following an upgrade of lighting systems on its MS Dronningen passenger ferry, Norwegian shipping company Norled has seen an 87.2% reduction in energy consumption. The upgrade involved converting the existing lighting on the ferry to new LED lighting and lighting management systems from Glamox.

Norweigan electrical contractor GK Elektro and Norled collaborated on the lighting upgrade, the results of which have been published in a recent report prepared by GK Elektro. The report states that electricity for lighting has been cut by 187,500 kWh (87.2%), which equates to annual cost savings of 390,000 NOK (approx. £35,000). At the same time, these energy savings have reduced the ferry’s carbon footprint significantly, with CO2 emissions now reduced by 93.4 tonnes per year and NOx emisisons by 2.72 tonnes per year from using less fuel.

Lighting can account for between 5 to 18 per cent of total power consumption in a typical commercial marine vessel, depending on its size and how many hours per day the ship is operating. Most vessels constructed prior to 2007 do not have LED lighting installed and so can easily achieve substantial energy savings by upgrading to LED lighting, while simultaneously achieving reductions in carbon emissions (CO2 and NOx).

Reduced cost of ownership

Glamox offers a wide range of lighting products that enable easy, fast replacement of conventional lighting to LED lighting on existing installations.

There are many reasons why marine vessels should convert to LED lighting. One reason is that the need for lamp changes will be reduced, as the new LED lighting will have more than five times higher operating life compared to conventional lighting. Another reason to convert from conventional to LED lighting is that energy consumption for lighting will be reduced by more than 50%.

For a Glamox luminaire, the process of switching from fluorescent tubes to LED is fast and easy. Glamox offers an LED replacement kit that is easy to use due to its tray concept. It takes no longer than a normal lamp change. All mechanical parts, fixings and cable glands remain unchanged in the luminaire. All that needs changing is the gear tray.

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