LED crossing signals protect road users in Poland

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LED level crossing signals improve safety in Poland

Knorr-Bremse subsidiary is upgrading light signalling systems to improve level crossing safety on the Polish rail network.

When train and road vehicle routes converge at level crossings, the potential hazards are substantial. Reducing this level of risk has long been a prime concern of Dr techn Josef Zelisko GmbH, a company founded in Mödling, Austria in 1918. Part of the Knorr-Bremse Group since 1988, Zelisko has been manufacturing signalling systems for railways for the past 60 years and more.

Robust, durable and dependable – that is what rail operators around the world expect of the signals along their tracks and the safety systems at their level crossings. “The fully electronic computer-controlled level crossing protection technology that we have developed offers great reliability and long-term availability,” says Christian Weiß, Head of Signalling Systems at Zelisko. “In Austria and Poland, some 260 level crossings are already protected by this technology, making them as safe as possible for all road and rail users.”

Major order from Poland

Polish rail operators in particular are opting for quality from Austria. Beating off international competitors, Zelisko recently won the contract to supply more than 90 level crossing protection systems. This represents the largest single order ever. In the future, these systems will ensure the safety of road users along the line from Warsaw to Lublin. Similar systems have been installed on the Poznan to Warsaw route since 2015.

LED signals for Romania

LED signals require much less energy than conventional signals based on incandescent lamps and offer far longer service lives. With maintenance intervals of around 15 years compared to some two years for conventional signals, LED signals represent a worthwhile investment for track operators and also reduce the raw-material uptake. Around the world, some 50,000 LED signals from Zelisko are already in operation. This reference base – along with the company’s expertise in adapting its products to national market needs – recently led to a major order from Romania for the supply of 3,000 LED signals. This marks the onset of long-term collaboration with the national rail authority and will further consolidate Zelisko’s leading position in this important segment.

“As we develop our products, we focus not least on supplying our international customers with future-proof technology,” says Zelisko Managing Director Manfred Reisner. “We attach great importance to resource-efficient production and to the durability of our products. In this way, as well as through longer maintenance intervals and the reduced use of consumables, we are also helping to protect the environment.”

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