Laser Sensor Detects Floating Particles

| Cleanrooms and Contamination Control

Air quality sensor can be used for automatic control of air purifiers

Small size laser sensor effectively detects floating particle in the air in domestic, commercial and industrial environments

Panasonic Industry has introduced its series of Particulate Matters (PM) sensors that are reliably able to detect smoke, environmental dust and other unwanted dangerous pollutants in the air that surrounds us in our living rooms, working spaces or any other inside spaces we spend our time in.

Based on laser scattering technology, the sensors guarantee accurate PM2.5, PM10 & PM1 detection and thus qualifies for efficiently protecting the human organism from straining ultra-fine particulates.

According to Dr Sara Ghaemi, Team Leader IoT at Panasonic Industry Europe, the sensor has very small dimensions of 37 x 37 x 12mm, optimised air pathway structure and real time as well as high accurate measurement over a long lifetime.

“Panasonic Industry PM sensor is an ideal choice for a wide range of air quality monitoring devices – and clearly surpasses LED-based concepts in many ways,” she says.

In this respect, the laser type PM sensors fit numerous systems safeguarding the level of air pureness – from HVAC systems in the context of smart home or building automation to environmental air control stations or even IoT devices.

“Fine and ultra-fine particulates are ubiquitous in our bustling environments and dangerous for our health. Humans are incapable of detecting the continuous changes in the air quality”, concludes Ghaemi.

Hence Panasonic SN-GCJA5 enables the implementation of required air quality monitoring devices to improve the surrounding air quality by smart activation of air purification equipment.

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