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Alpha Wire EcoGen hook-up wire from Aerco
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Aerco has reduced the weight of its Alpha wire hook up cable resulting in reduced carbon footprint and transport costs.

Aerco is now stocking a wide range of Alpha Wire EcoGen hook-up cable that has a diameter 50% and a weight 58% less than traditional PVC insulated hook-up wire.

Approved to UL AWM 11028, the cable contains no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals and the mPPE thermoplastic insulation meets RoHS and WEEE requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.

Cable technical sales executive at Aerco, David Cairns, explains the advantages of using modern cable designs saying: “A popular cable is the Alpha 6712, a 24awg, 600V, 105C rated cable with an overall diameter of just 1.09mm, a reduction of more than 50% over standard UL1015 PVC hook-up wire.  This improves design flexibility of modern, densely packed assemblies and its ‘green’ characteristics significantly decrease the carbon footprint. But, what is not always considered is that a typical 1000ft reel of PVC insulated cable weighs 2.46kg whereas a similar reel of Alpha 6712 weighs just 1.03kg, a reduction of 58% dramatically reducing transport costs.”

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