Landfill RNG projects to boost US fuel supply

| Renewable Energy Generation

Landfill gas collection system at Lopez Canyon Landfill in Sylmar CA

Work is due to start on projects in the USA to create renewable natural gas for transport fuel from landfill sites.

Construction will soon begin on a portfolio of new landfill Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects for transport fuel projects in the USA with executives from Fortistar set to attend the 2018 WasteExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada later this month to discuss potential new projects with landfill owners, operators and project developers.

RNG (or Biomethane) is made from sustainable sources such as landfill gas and digester methane emissions. It is carbon-neutral and chemically identical to geothermal natural gas, allowing it to be to be used as a fuel in natural gas vehicles and trucks. Landfills are the major source of RNG.

The growth in natural gas fueling infrastructure in the country has dramatically improved the prospects for the development of a commercially viable RNG industry with distribution into the existing transport fueling system.

“RNG offers a tremendous opportunity to sustainably expand America’s transport fuel supply,” said Mark Comora, President of Fortistar. “Our firm has operated in dozens of landfill gas to energy projects and affiliate, TruStar Energy has constructed over 100 natural gas fueling stations. Fortistar is poised to close the loop in a coordinated manner and produce, distribute and supply RNG across the country. We are looking forward to speaking with industry and municipal representatives during the 2018 WasteExpo about developing our next portfolio of projects.”

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