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Hyundai Mobis is attending CES 2016 with its range of existing and conceptual technologies.

At the CES 2016 event in Las Vegas in January, Korean automotive supply company, Hyundai Mobis, will be adding to the growing array of vehicle technology suppliers attending the event with its two-floor display of existing safety, autonomy and connected vehicle technology as well as future concepts of what such technology could yield.

Covering 260 square meters of floor space, divided into different exhibition areas, the Hyundai Mobis stand will introduce delegates and attendees to the concepts of autonomous driving, intelligent cockpits and communications technology, with the emphasis being on experience. To this end, the company will be focusing its technology in the “DAS car”, “i-cockpit car” and “Connected Zone” exhibition areas.


The “DAS Car” area provides insight into the world of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) with seven such systems being demonstrated, including Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), lane departure warning systems, active blind spot detection, cross-traffic assistance and remote autonomous parking technology.


The “i-cockpit car” and “Connected Zone” areas focus more on the concept of autonomy and how the technology will present itself to the driver and the outside world. The intelligent cockpit has been conceptualised by Hyundai to simulate partially autonomous driving conditions. This is augmented in the “Connected Zone” with insight into how the car can connect in real time with the road infrastructure and other vehicles using vehicle-to-anything (V2x) communications technology.

Existing technology

The Hyundai Mobis stand will also feature existing technology that the company has developed for Korean car manufacturers, Hyundai and Kia, with specific emphasis on advanced safety and communications products. These include 2 megapixel automotive cameras for advanced sensing systems, lighting products and the latest infotainment technology.

Commenting on the company’s presence at CES 2016, Hyundai Mobis’ head of research and development, Jeong Seung-gyun explained that electronic systems that combine vehicle and information technology are key to future sustainability. “Hyundai Mobis will distinguish itself by presenting the state of the art in such technologies as well as the future of car technology at CES 2016,” he said.

As the boundaries between consumer IT and vehicles becomes more blurred due to advances in autonomy and connectivity, the CES event is increasingly becoming a showcase for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with this year’s attendance from the industry being up by 25% from the 2015 event.

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