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The anechoic EMC chamber at JIAT in South Korea is suitable for large commercial vehicle test subjects

Facilities such as the large anechoic test chamber supplied by MPE are adding strength to the Korean automotive industry.

Motor vehicle manufacturing in South Korea has established itself as a top player in the global automotive market and in recent years has been catching up in innovation, development and testing expertise.

The Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive Technology (JIAT) in Gunsan, a city in the North Jeolla province in the south west of the country is a centre of automotive expertise in the country, which takes a clustered approach to development, testing and technology assessment for the industry.

JIAT was established as far back as 2003 as a government test organisation providing assessment services of vehicles and vehicle systems and components in order to help research and development by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not have a test facility of their own. Now, the Institute also provides consulting, research and training services in a large facility of over 33,000㎡.

Such large automotive manufacturers as Hyunda and GM DaEwoo have their own, exclusively operated test facilities and proving grounds. The General Motors Gheongna proving ground is a privately owned test track, engineering centre and test house that occupies a staggering 477,000㎡ in Yeonhi-Dong Incheon. Apart from these, the JIAT is the biggest single automotive test house in South Korea.

Large Anechoic Chamber

One of the more recent additions to the JIAT portfolio of test equipment was a large anechoic test chamber, which is used for EMC testing, NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) testing, performance testing and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.

To achieve this, local specialist company, Eretec provided an entirely new, screened room test chamber, which included EMC shielding, EMC doors, EMC filters and all internal equipment systems including pyramidal absorbers, turntable and dynamometer.

The equipment used in the chamber included 12 MPE powerline filters that were specified and installed and which comprise five different models from MPE’s catalogue range, rated at 16A, 32A, 63A and 100A.

The specification and size of the chamber enables it to have multiple purposes across a wide range of vehicles. The built-in dynamometer is capable of handling large commercial vehicles as well as standard passenger cars.

From Defence to Test Houses

Commenting on the organisation’s choice of EMC filtration systems, Paul Currie, Director at MPE said that the company is the prime supplier of EMC/EMP filters within the Korean defence industry and is also doing well in the commercial sector such as the application at JIAT.

“MPE were delighted that JIAT chose and installed MPE’s high performance filters within its flagship test chamber and this installation is further evidence of MPE’s growth into the commercial sector within Korea,” he says.

He went on to say that the competition is strong in the local market so the role of MPE’s partner, Eretec, has proven to be a crucial one in developing this, amongst other client relationships and given the visible pipeline of future projects that MPE could branch into in the future in this territory.”

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