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Infrared pyrometer

Additional pyrometers in the Micro-Epsilon IR range enable non-contact measurement of temperatures in thin plastic film.

Micro-Epsilon has extended its range of infrared temperature sensors with the new thermoMETER CTP-3, an infrared pyrometer that enables the non-contact temperature measurement of thin polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene film. The sensor operates at a wavelength of 3.43µm, which is particularly suitable for these types of film.

Normally plastic films with a thickness of less than 1mm are transparent to standard infrared (IR) temperature sensors. The thermoMETER CTP-3 pyrometer measures in a narrow spectral range of 3.43µm, where the IR transmission is blocked for these materials. This enables the temperature of polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene film to be measured reliably. The addition of the CTP-3 to the thermoMETER range of pyrometers means that Micro-Epsilon can now offer a solution to measure temperature on a non-contact basis of almost all materials.

The wavelength of 3.43µm at which the thermoMETER CTP-3 operates is perfectly suited to polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene film. With other film types such as polyethersulfone or polyurethane, the thermoMETER CTP-7 can be used, as its spectral range at 7.9 µm is adapted to suit these materials.

The temperature range of the thermoMETER CTP-3 extends from 50C to 400C. The pyrometer provides stables measurement values in ambient temperatures up to 75C. The pyrometer is available with either analogue or digital outputs.

High accuracy and resolution are key characteristics of all thermoMETER sensors. Particularly for temperature-critical applications, infrared sensors from Micro-Epsilon are the preferred choice in order to achieve reliable measurements.

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