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Swift Sensors 1010 gateway with cable

Wireless sensor system for the industrial IoT uses BLE5 technology to extend range for up to 150 sensors per gateway

Swift Sensors has launched its Series 3 wireless sensor system with significant improvements in wireless range, battery life, durability and ease of deployment

Series 3 incorporates BLE5 technology with the Nordic nRF52840 SoC’s on-chip cryptography, multiprotocol communication and power management features to:

* Increase sensor range to 300 feet for use in large facilities.
* Enable four times the number of sensors (up to 150) that each gateway can securely support.
* Extend sensor battery life to five times the previous version.

“We designed our industrial sensor system to be simple to deploy and use,” said Ray Almgren, CEO of Swift Sensors. “Our new sensors and gateways will drive mainstream adoption of IoT in the industrial markets. Customer feedback over the past several years has also driven configuration, deployment and durability improvements in the wireless system.”

For example, the first batch of 12 Series 3 sensors includes a predictive vibration sensor that adds peak-to-peak, RMS and crest factor monitoring. This lowers the entry cost of industrial equipment predictive maintenance (PdM) for customers who want to reduce their downtime and maintenance expenses.

Other improvements in the Series 3 platform include:

* A water-resistant (IP 67) sensor enclosure for extra durability in harsh environments.
* “Instant On” one-touch sensor activation for immediate measurements with zero configuration needed.
* “Find My Sensor” console button that blinks a green LED on the deployed sensor to identify it.
* An internet status LED that shows if the gateway is connected to the internet, connected locally or not connected.
* Enhanced web app and LED indicators that simplify gateway Wi-Fi setup.
* An optional USB cellular network module for deployments when ethernet and WiFi are not available.

“Using advanced BLE5 communication protocols, we have developed a data delivery system to optimise range, reliability and security of the Series 3 sensors,” said Dean Drako, founder and executive chairman of Swift Sensors. “Our cloud-based wireless monitoring system now offers a breadth of common measurements using the latest IoT technology.”

Swift Sensors plans to release additional Series 3 sensors soon to measure sound, light, pressure, motion and the presence of harmful gasses.

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