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Diana Yuan, President of Marketing at Huawei addresses Hannover Messe

Collaborative venture between Huawei and GE Digital results in a cloud based predictive maintenance system for diverse operations based on connected sensors in the IoT.

Huawei and GE Digital have jointly launched an Industrial Cloud-based Predictive Maintenance System at Hanover Messe. The new product seamlessly integrates Huawei’s Edge Computing IoT (EC-IoT) with GE’s Industrial Internet cloud platform Predix to enable rapid end-to-end connectivity between industrial assets and cloud applications, allowing real-time machine health monitoring, data analysis and perception, and smart maintenance decision-making. In the digital industrial era, it helps manufacturers reduce maintenance costs and prevent unplanned asset downtime, as well as drive innovation in products and services.

Commenting on the collaboration, Diana Yuan, President of Marketing and Solution Sales Department of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “The digital industry era not only brings development opportunities for traditional industries, but also creates challenges with interconnectivity between numerous devices, Big Data computing and intelligent applications. Huawei collaborates with partners to explore the industrial Internet field and address these challenges based on our experience in digital transformation and leading ICT technology. As Fortune Global 500 corporations, Huawei and GE have used our vast research and innovation capabilities to develop a powerful product that helps industrial customers unleash new levels of asset performance, optimise service operations and become more competitive. In the future, Huawei and GE will jointly accelerate the deployment of cloud-based industrial digitalised applications to enable the digital transformation of industries.”

Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Digital, said: “The growth of the Industrial Internet depends on the cultivation of cooperative systems and a commitment to jointly build products to accelerate digital transformation for industry. This new product brings together the strengths of two great companies and is already driving positive outcomes for innovation-driven customers. These partnerships will help industrial companies take advantage of the Industrial Internet and drive unprecedented gains in productivity.”

Huawei and GE announced their strategic partnership in July 2016 and this joint product is the latest achievement in their cooperation in the industrial IoT field. The product integrates Huawei’s EC-IoT gateways and Agile Controller, GE’s Predix platform, other partners’ sensors and controllers, and industrial applications to construct information channels between industrial networks and an interconnection platform.

The Industrial Predictive Maintenance System will be adopted by Schindler, an elevator and escalator provider. It will help Schindler centrally connect and manage its millions of elevators worldwide, significantly reducing equipment maintenance costs and improving service reliability, benefitting billions of people around the world, every day.

“Using innovate technologies and our industry expertise, we have built Schindler Ahead, the digital industrial platform for smart urban mobility. The partnership with Huawei and its connectivity products allow us to scale fast and innovate at the highest pace for our customers and passengers,” said Michael Nilles, Member of the Group Executive Committee and Chief Digital Officer of Schindler.

Huawei has been exploring the IoT field across many industries and proactively promoting a cooperative approach. Not only has it collaborated with GE in the industrial predictive maintenance field, but it has also worked on large-scale application deployments with other partners in various industries including power, lighting, transport and buildings, to accelerate digital transformation for customers.

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