Integrated water re-use and flood resilience

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Waterscan system can help with flood resilience

Intellistorm actively manages collected rainwater for re-use with flood resilience capabilities for improved urban waste water management.

Water management company, Waterscan has unveiled Intellistorm for water reuse management and flood resilience. The product combines rainwater harvesting, attenuation and intelligent data gathering into one system. Where deployed, it is expected to drastically reduce site water consumption and discharge to drain.

Responding to live weather forecast data, Intellistorm enables a site to maximise water reuse and reduce discharge to drain by intelligently storing and using collected rainwater for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, vehicle washing and cooling systems. Highly secure and customisable to control both the quality of water for discharge, and water for reuse, the possible applications for this system are extensive.

“Designed to enhance flood resilience while reducing water consumption, this patented technology is a major step forward in alleviating issues surrounding the widespread uptake of water re-use systems,” says Barry Millar, Operations Director at Waterscan, whose team developed the technology. “The concept was arrived at to mitigate the need for separate rainwater harvesting and attenuation systems. By combining two systems and using intelligent data, we can now offer developers considerable cost savings during construction, clients ongoing cost savings through water reuse, and wider environmental and social benefits by boosting flood resilience.”

The overloading of drainage infrastructure in urban areas continues to present a significant flood risk, especially in the case of new developments. Current sustainable urban drainage recommendations set limits on the discharge of water from developments to assist in mitigating this impact but more action is needed. That’s why Intellistorm has been designed in line with best practice sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) principles and ensures full compliance with stringent local planning and discharge requirements. Unlike traditional attenuation systems -which temporarily attenuate storm water and allow a continuous controlled discharge of any collected surface water – Intellistorm actively empties attenuation in accordance with weather forecast data, providing only sufficient space to receive incoming rainwater.

Requiring no additional civil excavation or equipment footprint, when compared with traditional attenuation systems, Intellistorm reduces the cost of integrating water re-use to a new build facility by approximately £100,000. Further savings are achieved as a result of using 40% less building materials and onsite labour costs.

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