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Anton Paar has acquired Quantachrome Instruments to bring particle surface analysis and solid porosity and density measurement expertise to its portfolio.

Measuring instrument supplier, Anton Paar has acquired Quantachrome Instruments. The US-based company adds its expertise in the analysis of particle surfaces, porosity and density of solids to the portfolio of more than 150 analytical instruments manufactured by Anton Paar.

Friedrich Santner, CEO of the Anton Paar Group: “Quantachrome’s products are a perfect addition to our product portfolio in particle characterisation. Until now, we have mainly offered analytical products for the physical examination of liquids and particles. With this acquisition, our expertise in the analysis of solids will be expanded. The combination of existing and new technology from both companies will result in the creation of improved or new measuring systems. Additionally, our strategic goal to have a US-based unit for research, development and production within the Anton Paar Group has been fulfilled.”

Scott Lowell, former president of Quantachrome: “I am pleased that an innovative and highly valued company such as Anton Paar will carry on what we have established, developed and produced at Quantachrome. Anton Paar is known for its great company culture, advanced and highly precise production driven by research and development and a demanding but also appreciative way of dealing with employees. In contrast to many international companies, Anton Paar has a sustainable company philosophy that is reflected in its decision to continue and extend the business at Quantachrome’s headquarters in Boynton Beach, Florida.”

Founded in 1968, Quantachrome has 170 employees involved in designing characterisation instruments for the analysis of porous materials and powders. The instrumentation is used in industrial and research laboratories for the study of surfaces, density, pore size and distribution and specific gas and vapour interactions. These physical properties are essential qualities of battery and fuel cell materials, catalysts, pharmaceutical powders, ceramics, zeolites, bio- and foam materials or food products.

The technology is related to the BET-method (developed by Stephen Brunauer, Paul Hugh Emmett and Edward Teller) that uses gas adsorption to determine the surface area of porous components. Quantachrome produces instruments for sample preparation and analysis and has subsidiaries in China and Japan and sells 25 instrument types in 50+ countries.

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