Infrared headset for naval communications

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Naval vessels take advantage of IR bridge comms system

Headset enables navy personnel to communicate in noisy environments without risk of jamming or interference.

Link Microtek has introduced a single-sided headset for users of the company’s Azdec infrared mobile communications system, which provides totally secure short-range voice communications on board naval vessels while allowing operators to roam away from their base positions, unhindered by any trailing wires.

Particularly suitable for officers stationed on a bridge or in an operations room, the 110525/202A headset enables users to clearly hear any activity or spoken commands in their immediate vicinity while at the same time communicating with other personnel via the Azdec infrared system.

The new monaural headset consists of an adjustable headband, a single earpiece, a flexible boom microphone with built-in noise-cancelling technology, a padded side support and a standard Azdec infrared transceiver. There are no RF emissions and the infrared signals cannot be intercepted by any conventional method, so it is impossible for anyone to jam the transmissions or eavesdrop on what is being said.

Capable of providing secure multi-channel communications for areas of up to 10,000 square metres, an Azdec system typically includes a base station, multiple headset/control units, a central battery-charger unit and 20-30 fixed infrared antennas.

The low-level infrared digital encoding technology at the heart of the system is completely immune to radio, radar and electrical noise – even severe energy pulses – and has no effect on sensitive electronic equipment, flammable atmospheres or munitions. In addition, it carries a Class 1 product designation as defined by the EN 60825-1 standard, which means it presents no ocular or other health hazard to users.

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