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Scania hybrid trucks gain innovation award
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The Green Truck Future Innovation prize for this year has been awarded to Scania for its distribution truck using a hybrid power train.

Scania’s recently-launched hybrid distribution truck has been awarded the prestigious German prize Green Truck Future Innovation 2016 by the Verkehrsrundschau trade magazine.

The hybrid system allows an 18-tonne distribution truck to operate solely on electric power for up to two kilometres. Electric operations are primarily intended for situations such as city distribution at night in noise sensitive areas or driving through warehouses and underground car parks where exhaust fumes must be avoided. In the electric mode, the sound level is below 72 dB(A).

The electric motor is combined with Scania’s 9-litre Euro 6 engine, which can be operated on 100% biodiesel, such as FAME or HVO. With this latter fuel, CO2 can be reduced by as much as 92 percent.

This modular powertrain has an electric motor that delivers 130 kW (174 hp), with a torque of 1,050 Nm, that sits between the engine and a special version of Scania’s automatic transmission. Usable battery capacity is up to 1.2 kWh, a moderate energy usage based on a balance between the battery’s lifetime and driving range.

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