Industrial sensors measure large forces in confined spaces

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Miniature strain sensors for industrial automation monitoring

Miniature strain sensor combines compact and robust measurement capabilities for industrial automation monitoring applications

Data collection from control systems is vital in helping to maintain and improve process performance, quality and safety, and information collected from force measurement sensors is one example of this. However, in applications where space is limited or machinery has small structural dimensions, this can pose challenges for implementing reliable measurements of force.

Reliable force measurement is where the new DST20 miniature strain sensor from sensing and instrumentation specialists Baumer will excel thanks to its ability to provide static and dynamic measurements of large forces across a range of +/-500 to 1000µm/m, even where space is at a premium.

These miniature screw-on strain sensors have ultra-compact dimensions of 28mm H x 12mm W x 10mm D and provide accurate measurement of large forces helping to ensure reliable process monitoring, even in applications with confined space.

Despite their compact size, they are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial applications with features such as a robust stainless steel housing and a protection class rating to IP65. They are therefore suited to challenging industrial environments and mechanical engineering applications, as well as general process automation. The output signal is 1.0 mV/V and connection is via an M5, 4 pin, male connector.

The DST20 miniature strain sensor is one of a wide range of options available within Baumer’s wide range of strain sensors enabling cost-effective and dependable force measurement for most application areas.

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