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The Crompack LED+ luminaire from Eaton has improved energy efficiency providing savings for industrial and commercial premises.

Eaton has launched the Crompack LED+, a premium version of its highly successful Crompack LED batten. The power management company’s latest luminaire increases both performance and efficiency by offering 150 luminaire lumens per circuit watt (Llm/cW) compared with the 114 Llm/cW of its predecessor. As a result, customers representing commercial, industrial and residential buildings can expect greater energy savings and larger reductions in through-life costs.

Designed as an alternative to Eaton’s most successful range of fluorescent mains lighting battens, the Crompack LED batten was launched in September 2014 to meet increasing demand for LED lighting solutions that deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting and improved energy savings.

Eaton upgraded its range of linear LED luminaries, which features the market’s widest range of lumen options, lengths and the latest LED chip technology, in June 2015. The latest development reflects Eaton’s commitment to drive continued lifecycle improvements and ensure the efficacy of applications. It follows an announcement to apply a five-year warranty to all mains lighting products, with no annual hours usage restrictions.

“The Crompack LED was a leap forward in terms of energy efficiency but with the Crompack LED+ we’ve added an even greater level of efficiency where it is required,” said Ian Roberts, product line manager for mains lighting at Eaton.

The on-going efficacy of Eaton’s Crompack LED luminaires, associated power savings and overall cost reductions offer small and medium-sized enterprises an opportunity to upgrade to energy efficient lighting.

“The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme helps businesses to benefit from single-year capital allowances by using energy saving equipment, including lighting,” said Roberts. “The on-going improvements of the LED version and its associated energy savings means that end users can take advantage of the ECA.”

The Crompack LED+ closely replicates the standard Crompack LED’s mechanical and material specifications but features an even more efficient LED module and power supply configuration. The premium product’s superior thermal management maximises the LED module and control gear life and performance.

The product also has a range of accessories to complement the range including reflectors to redirect light onto working areas and coupling straps for continuous mount applications.

Like the original version, which will remain in the portfolio alongside the newer model, the Crompack LED+ is suited to a wide range of new or retrofit applications, including commercial premises, industrial and residential. The Crompack LED and Crompack LED+ have been IK07 tested for impact protection.

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