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Yokogawa rebrands its products and services relating to industrial automation and control to OpreX.

Yokogawa Electric has released OpreX, a comprehensive brand for the company’s industrial automation (IA) and control business. The OpreX brand name encompasses the entire range of the company’s IA products and services.

The brand comprises the following five categories:

* OpreX Transformation: Comprehensive products that take the broad view in driving excellence throughout an enterprise’s business activities, from production through to supply chain optimisation, and risk and business management.
* OpreX Control: Reliable control systems that respond quickly to changes in management and operations and establish the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations.
* OpreX Measurement: Field instruments and systems that enable high precision measurement, data acquisition and analysis.
* OpreX Execution: Flexible, agile project implementation services, built on a strong global track record
* OpreX Lifecycle: Maintenance and development services designed to deliver optimised operations over the entire plant lifecycle whilst working side-by-side with customers.

In the coming months, Yokogawa will be strengthening the product and service portfolio under the OpreX brand. These represent the company’s integrated approach to industrial automation, and are designed to enable the realisation of Synaptic Business Automation, which is the guiding concept for the Yokogawa IA and control business.

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