Indoor winter vehicle test facility expands

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Preparations for indoor vehicle snow testing facility

The Test World facility has been expanded to provide winter testing for automotive technology including tyres, ADAS and sensors.

Millbrook’s Test World facility in Finland has more than doubled the length of its existing natural snow and ice platforms, and is introducing asphalt tracks for wet and dry braking and aquaplaning, all under one roof. The first snow is now being brought into the newly extended snow and ice facility, ready for opening its doors to customers in early April 2018.

For vehicle manufacturers, the facility offers ample space and controlled conditions that are perfect for driven tests in a cold environment – with and without low-µ snow and ice surfaces. Soak boxes (to -40°C) are integrated into the facility to enable running straight onto the track, cooled down to -13°C. Customers can perform a wide range of tests, including NVH and performance of passenger car brakes, snow intrusion, cold start and driveability, sensor performance for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), electric vehicle (EV) range and transmission performance. The facility is also suitable for limited vehicle dynamics evaluations.

For tyre manufacturers, this expansion means that there will be enough space available at Test World to test the largest tyres (C3) used on trucks and buses, on any surface required for the majority of objective tests, at any time of the year. The investment strengthens Test World’s position as a tyre testing provider, as well as enabling it to save customers time and money by offering more services at a single location.

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