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Powertrain testing development at Millbrook

Millbrook is attending Automotive Testing Expo with a glimpse at its latest investments in facilities in the UK as well as Finland.

Millbrook Group will once again be present at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, taking place on 31 May, 1 & 2 June. The Expo, which is the biggest annual showcase of the automotive testing industry, is the ideal event for both Millbrook and its subsidiary business, Test World, to highlight the latest important commercial developments within the organisation.

Millbrook is currently enjoying a period of substantial investment in its facilities, ensuring that it remains the pre-eminent facility for all the testing requirements of the dynamic and ever-changing automotive sector. During 2015, Millbrook upgraded all its engine dynos and Sled facility, and made a further investment in Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS); 2016 will see a continuation of the investment in Powertrain facilities and so far has included new engine test cells, control room and fuel blending facilities. A crucial new development for 2016 will be the opening of a new, state of the art, 4WD chassis dyno test cell which will enable Millbrook to test the most technically advanced vehicles in the world.

Beyond the significant Powertrain investment, the crash test facilities of Millbrook’s Safety department will benefit from a new roll over testing capability that follows the Servo Sled introduced in 2015. Vehicle testing facilities will also be upgraded with the construction of a new, very large climatic test chamber, which will accommodate almost any wheeled vehicle and replicate the full range of extreme climate conditions.

Millbrook is investing in its winter test facility in Finnish Lapland, Test World. The business has long been a provider of winter tyre testing services and test facilities and has developed the innovative indoor test facilities to allow testing on natural snow twelve months of the year. Test World is now building significant new outdoor tracks specially for testing vehicles. These will include a high speed circuit, handling track and vehicle dynamics platform. Being land-based and very far North, they will provide a much longer season than the lake-based tracks in other locations. Combined with new direct flights from Frankfurt to Ivalo this coming winter, excellent winter testing is now more accessible than ever before.

Alex Burns, CEO of Millbrook says: “The investment in our facilities continues unabated. We simply have one objective, and that is to keep Millbrook at the pinnacle of what can be offered by an independent testing facility. We cannot sit still and our development plans across both our sites reinforces our position in our field.”

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