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Industrial IoT conference

MAC Solutions is taking part in a conference organised for machine builders and systems integrators in the UK on making use of remote data using the IIoT.

Industrial Data Communication and M2M specialist MAC Solutions (UK) and eWON, a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and designer of the Talk2M cloud-based remote access service, are hosting a conference for machine builders and systems integrators who would like to learn more about data-centric, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems and emerging technologies.

FlexThink is an annual conference organised by eWON and HMS with talks and hands-on learning. The conference is an opportunity to hear more about how IIoT can be made real and to learn how to unlock remote data from your machines. In 2016, FlexThink is touring Europe and will stage eight conferences in eight different cities in eight days. The eWON MAC FlexThink Conference 2016 is the UK leg of the tour, which will take place on 25th May 2016 at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham (J7, M42).

The goal of FlexThink conferences are to expand the horizons for Systems Integrators and Machine Developers by improving their knowledge and understanding of eWON remote-data applications. Conference attendees will leave with a better understanding of the realities of Industrial IoT and how these technologies can be applied to their business.

Dave Hammond, Product Manager Ethernet & Communications at MAC Solutions commented: “Attendees will understand how to clarify their goals, define their priorities and take their first steps along this exciting path. They will learn how the power and flexibility of the eWON devices and the Talk2M cloud can unlock the technical challenges of collecting machine data, transforming data into information, presenting that data to users, and then passing data into Industrial IoT environments.”

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