Hydrogen mobility programme begins in Japan

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The Toyota Mobility Foundation launches its Hydrogen Society programme for carbon-free sustainable mobility.

A “hydrogen society” is a set of communities with sophisticated, integrated, green-energy networks powered by mini-hydrogen plants that aim to create a carbon-free, hydrogen distribution system. The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has launched a research programme to spur the development of this hydrogen society, and TMF has begun soliciting research proposals under this new programme today.

This initiative is part of TMF’s goal to promote sustainable mobility. It reflects an awareness that pairing carbon-free hydrogen systems with renewable energies contributes to energy sustainability. It also underscores the foundation’s readiness to tackle energy-related issues such as environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Shifting the world to hydrogen-based systems for energy supply and consumption is a heavily discussed topic across public, private and academic sectors, however cost remains a daunting obstacle. For this reason, TMF will emphasise innovations in the generation, storage, transport and use of hydrogen when screening the submitted proposals. A panel of hydrogen and energy experts from universities and public-sector research organisations will review the proposals and oversee their selection.

The Toyota Mobility Foundation seeks projects that demonstrate progress in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and lowering the cost of hydrogen by 2030. Additionally, in an effort to maintain longevity, TMF will focus on attracting young researchers to participate in the programme.

The programme will last five years. For the first year, the Toyota Mobility Foundation will solicit proposals from applicants from both universities and public-sector institutions in Japan. After the initial year, TMF will open the programme to accept proposals from across the world, outside of Japan.

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