Hydrogen conversion helps waste company reduce emissions

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An Oxfordshite waste management company is moving towards its carbon free ambitions with hydrogen dual fuel retrofit conversions to its vehicles.

ULEMCo has just completed the first hydrogen fuel conversion for a UK commercial waste company. Oxfordshire-based Grundon Waste Management selected ULEMCo to carry out the hydrogen diesel dual-fuel conversion for one of its waste disposal trucks.

ULEMCo has previously retro-fitted a number of lorries and vans in the public sector, but this is the first private sector contract. The project also represents the first such conversion of a DAF vehicle, and signals the way towards use of hydrogen as a practical alternative to reduce emissions in a wide range of vehicle makes.

This project featured a new modular approach to conversion by ULEMCo. It deployed a 10kg hydrogen unit on the side of the lorry, and this approach will enable the company to reduce the costs of converting other vehicle types.

Grundon is an ideal customer for this technology as the company has a strategic commitment to carbon neutrality, and a practical exploration of the benefits that hydrogen – particularly when produced from waste processes – will give them within the circular economy.

Earlier this year, Grundon committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions from its vehicles to net zero by extending its highly successful CarbonNeutral fleet certification programme for a fourth consecutive year. The certification means that every mile travelled by Grundon lorries and cars is officially carbon neutral. This helps customers reduce their own carbon footprint, and is further enhanced through the adoption of the hydrogen diesel dual-fuel conversion.

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