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Digitron is attending key battery technology events this month with its range of test systems for the electric automotive industry.

A new 48V Hybrid Electric Battery test system, high channel count test and formation products and the most efficient and compact high current cell tester are just some of the products Digatron is featuring at the Battery show and many other battery events this week.

The 48V hybrid electric battery tester is a high current (500A) cycler, designed for testing batteries for the new 48V automotive platform. It can also test EV and hybrid modules, up to 100V, and of course offers all the refinements of its larger brother, the Electric Vehicle Tester: CAN communication to BMS, battery emulation mode, modular structure for higher output (600V, 800V & 1000V) .

CEO & Managing Director, Kevin Campbell said in a statement. “This summer has been a game changer in the fortunes of the EV market with announcements from several of the auto majors and from China to end combustion engine manufacture in 20 years— It’s not a question of “if” anymore, it’s only a question of “When” .

This has created an opportunity for new testing products and new circuit technologies”

With announcements of giga factory plans from all corners of the earth, the test and formation sector will have to hit ‘warp speed’ to meet demand. Digatron, with 50 years’ experience in this sector, is more than ready with the products and the development capability, according to Kevin Campbell CEO.

“Our MCFT multichannel test and formation system is scalable up to many tens of thousands of circuits, making it the perfect system whether you’re building a giga factory, a pilot line plant or being prepared in order to avoid a major product recall as lithium players have had to do recently, or simply doing volume QC. Configurations in the small cell equipment range from selection of 2A, 5A & 10A, allowing paralleled combination of these ranges to allow even higher output to form or test cells of any size, and this system has been installed in configurations anywhere from 4 to 15,000 circuits.

“Likewise our high current Silicon Carbide powered Regenerative cell tester is becoming the industry standard especially in the booming automotive sector, where 200A, 300A, 500A, 600A cell testing is required as many battery makers need to evaluate their products as efficiently as possible, whilst reducing space, cooling and cost issues – Digatron is the only player in the market to offer this range of power testing in such an innovative air-cooled packaging system.”

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