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SMARTDAC plus GX GP GM data acquisition range

New series of equipment from Yokogawa for paperless recording and data acquisition enables higher measurement speeds and PID control.

Yokogawa will introduce release 4 of the SMARTDAC+ GX series panel-mount type paperless recorder, GP series portable paperless recorder and GM series data acquisition system this month.

With this latest release, new modules are provided that expand the range of applications possible with SMARTDAC+ systems and improve user convenience. New functions include sampling intervals as short as 1 millisecond and the control and monitoring of up to 20 loops.

Overview of new release and background of development

Recorders and data acquisition systems (data loggers) are used on production lines and at product development facilities in a variety of industries to acquire, display and record data on temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, pressure and other variables. Since releasing the SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control system in 2012, Yokogawa has continued to strengthen with the introduction of a variety of recorders and data acquisition devices that meet market needs and comply with industry-specific requirements and standards.

With this release, Yokogawa provides new modules with strengthened functions that meet customer needs for the acquisition and analysis of detailed data from evaluation tests. These modules decrease the cost of introducing a control application by eliminating the need for the purchase of additional equipment.

The functional enhancements available with release 4 are as follows:

1 High-speed analogue input module for high-speed sampling

To improve the safety of electric devices such as the rechargeable batteries used in everything from vehicles to mobile devices, evaluation tests must be run to acquire and analyse detailed performance data. For this purpose, sampling at intervals as short as 1 millisecond is desirable. However, this normally requires an expensive, high-performance measuring instrument. When the new high-speed analogue input module available with release 4 is mounted, a SMARTDAC+ system can sample data at intervals as brief as 1 millisecond, which is 1/100th that of any preceding Yokogawa product. This is suitable for such high performance applications as the measurement of the transient current in rechargeable batteries and vibration in power plant turbines. A dual interval function has also been added that enables the SMARTDAC+ to efficiently and simultaneously collect data on slowly changing signals (eg, temperature) and quickly changing signals (eg, pressure and vibration).

2 Proportional integral derivative (PID) control module

In applications that need both control and recording, such as controlling the temperature of an industrial furnace or the dosage process at a water treatment plant, there is a need for systems that do not require engineering and can be quickly and easily introduced. To control temperature, flow rate and pressure, it used to be necessary to use a recorder and a controller for each control loop, or to engineer a system that combined a recorder with a programmable controller or touch panel display. When the new PID control module available with this release is mounted, the SMARTDAC+ can control and monitor up to 20 loops. PID control is a kind of feedback control. It controls process variables such as temperature, pressure and flow rate for each loop. A loop is a series of control operations involving the receipt of a reading from a sensor or some other detecting element, the calculation of the difference between the measured and the targeted value and the issue of an instruction to a valve or some other control element to correct the measured value. With the GX and GP series recorders, an intuitive touch panel user interface and screens for the monitoring and operation of temperature and flow rate are available. In addition, web functionality that is a standard feature on all GX and GP recorders allows for remote monitoring and control via a web browser.

3 Four-wire resistance temperature detector (RTD)/resistance module for precise temperature measurement

Temperature sensors operate on the measurement principle that the electrical resistance of a metal varies in proportion to changes in temperature. While three-wire RTDs are widely used in many fields, research institutes and manufacturers of products such as air-conditioning equipment require the higher level of precision possible with 4-wire RTDs. To satisfy this need, Yokogawa has released a 4-wire RTD/resistance module for the SMARTDAC+.

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