High reliability miniature pressure sensor

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Miniature pressure transducer can measure pressures up to 200 bar

The P60 miniature pressure transducer series from HBM simplifies the performance of reliable pressure testing within confined areas, such as gearboxes or coolant systems.

The compact, lightweight and easy to install transducer makes it ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, rail or marine transport. With a pressure range up to 200 bar, the transducer’s can be used for R&D of gearboxes, combustion engine parts, hydraulic clutches and water cooler circuits.

The P60’s accuracy class of 0.3 makes it particularly suitable for pressure measurements in the fields of research and development. The strain-gauge technology enables users to acquire reliable static pressure data and safely carry out tests on products with dynamic pressure profiles.

It is available with four nominal pressure ranges and six connectors with different threads, giving enough flexibility for most types of application. The miniature connector has been integrated into the sensor and a flexible measuring lead ensures it’s easy to connect onto test objects, even in confined areas.

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