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PNA and PNA-X network analysers deliver greater flexibility and accuracy

PNA and PNA-X network analysers from Keysight provide simplified and higher speed complex measurement capabilities

Keysight Technologies has enhanced the company’s performance network analysers (PNA and PNA-X) to deliver greater flexibility and accuracy while speeding and simplifying required measurements.

Network analysers are indispensable test instruments in the radio frequency and microwave industry. They provide measurement capabilities to characterise a wide range of devices, components and systems. However, measurements for active devices, including noise figure, gain compression and IMD, can be complex, especially on modern high-frequency devices.

Keysight’s enhanced PNA and PNA-X network analysers contain a proprietary low-spurious direct digital synthesis (DDS) source, enabling customers to take accurate measurements with less phase noise interference. With the clean source signals, customers can perform two-tone IMD measurements with close tone spacing previously only possible with high-performance analogue signal generators. The new DDS sources also enhance the performance of a wide range of software applications, including modulation distortion, SMC with phase, and I/Q converter measurements, to provide exceptional speed in mixer/frequency converter characterisation. Offering a third radio frequency (RF) source up to 13.5 GHz on the PNA-X simplifies measurement setup by taking the place of an external signal generator to drive local oscillators.

“Keysight understands that when engineers are characterising complex active devices, it can take days,” stated Joe Rickert, vice president and general manager of high frequency measurement R&D for Keysight’s communications group. “Our new PNA family delivers the right mix of speed and performance to reduce these test times, enabling faster insight with simplified measurement setups and the accuracy they need to improve their designs.”

Keysight’s PNA (high performing, cost effective network analyser) and PNA-X (an integrated and flexible single-connection microwave test engine for measuring active devices) provide the following benefits:

* Simplified test stations by replacing racks and stacks of equipment
* Reduced test time with a wide range of single-connection measurement applications
* Accurate linear and nonlinear device characterisation using advanced error correction
* Accelerated insight into component behaviour using a multi-touch display and intuitive user interface

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