High investment in powertrain and crash testing facilities

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Servo sled crash testing rig at Millbrook

Millbrook has made considerable investments into its powertrain and crash testing facilities as well as its winter proving grounds in Finland.

UK based vehicle test and engineering group, Millbrook, is attending the Automotive Testing Expo which will run in Germany’s automotive powerhouse city of Stuttgart between the 31st May and the 2nd June 2016. The organisation will be joined at the event by its Test World subsidiary, which runs winter proving grounds in northern Finland.

With constant flux being observed generally in the automotive industry and massive development activities in power trains, autonomy and intelligent mobility, Millbrook is remaining ahead of the game by investing heavily both in the UK and Finland to ensure that its testing facilities and proving grounds reflect the state-of-the-art and are chosen by the global automotive industry.

Already last year, the company upgraded its engine dynomometers and Sled facility and made further investments into Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS). Now, the investment is set to continue this year in the powertrain facilities, with new engine test cells, a control room and fuel blending facilities having already been completed. A crucial new development for 2016 will be the opening of a new 4WD chassis dyno test cell which will enable Millbrook to test the most technically advanced vehicles in the world.

Crash test improvements

As well as the significant investments that are being made in testing modern powertrains, Millbrook is also ploughing money into the crash test facilities, which will soon benefit from a new roll over testing capability that follows the Servo Sled that was introduced during last year. A climatic test chamber with the capacity to accommodate practically any size of wheeled vehicle will also be contructed in the vehicle testing facilities and will be used to replicate the full range of extreme climatic conditions.

Winter test facilities

Such climatic conditions as can be found in the depths of winter don’t need to be replicated in the Northern Finnish town of Ivalo, where the Lapland conditions are used by Millbrook’s Test World subsidiary for winter tyre testing. Now, innovative indoor test facilities have been developed to allow testing on natural snow to take place throughout the year, regardless of the season. More outdoor tracks are also being constructed with a high speed circuit, handling track and vehicle dynamics platform all in the plans for this year.

Commenting on the levels of investment currently taking place at the company, Millbrook’s CEO, Alex Burns said, “Our single objective is to keep Millbrook at the pinnacle of what can be offered by an independent testing facility. We cannot sit still and therefore our development plans across both our sites reinforce our position as the market leader in our field.”

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