High Density Battery Provides Additional Flight Time for UAV

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High Density Battery Provides Additional Flight Time for UAV

Smart 2500 Battery extends Puma LE unmanned drone’s flight time by nearly 20 percent with up to 6.5 hours of endurance.

American aviation specialist, AeroVironment, has introduced two new optional extras for its Puma UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that expand the operational capabilities of its family of tactical UAV. These options are a result of AeroVironment’s collaboration with users to develop innovative products that enable customers to proceed with certainty in ever-changing operational environments.

Smart Battery

Primarily aimed at defence applications, the Puma Smart 2500 Battery allows operators to achieve an extended flight time of up to 6.5 hours. The increased endurance provides operators with greater time in the field, maximising the Puma LE’s multi-mission capabilities across land and maritime environments. This high-energy-density, lithium-ion battery pack features an improved capacity of 24.5Ah (amp-hours) while retaining the size and form factor needed to be seamlessly integrated into the Puma LE’s existing battery bay.

Bungee Launch

Previously only available on military UAVs, AeroVironment’s Bungee Launch System (BLS) is now available as an enhancement option for Puma 2 AE and Puma 3 AE owners. The BLS allows for the assisted launch in environmental conditions where hand launching is not practical or is limited.

According to Rick Pedigo, vice president of sales and business development for AeroVironment, the two new enhancement options will expand the device’s operational capabilities as well as maximise operator safety and improve operational efficiency.

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